Insurance Complaints

New York State Insurance Department
New York Attorney General Healthcare Industry Task Force
NAMI-NYC Metro: Navigating the Mental Health Maze

The New York State Insurance Department licenses insurance companies, brokers, agents, and adjusters to operate in this state. If you believe that one of these licensees has failed to act in accordance with your contract or New York Insurance Law and Regulation, you are urged to file a complaint.

You can file a complaint using the Online Consumer Complaint form. You will receive immediate confirmation and be assigned a file number. Please be aware that a copy of your complaint may be sent to the entity or person that your complaint is against. If you need to submit copies of documents to support your complaint, fax or mail them to us along with the printed confirmation with your file number.

You may fax additional information regarding a complaint already filed to 212-480-6282 or mail to either one of the offices listed below. Please include the printed confirmation which identifies the complaint, or if you do not have a printed confirmation, please include the case number. A case number begins with "CSB".

Consumer Services Bureau
NYS Insurance Department
One Commerce Plaza
Albany, NY 12257

New York City:
Consumer Services Bureau
NYS Insurance Department
25 Beaver Street
New York, NY 10004-2319

In order to effectively respond to all Departmental inquiries, you must include your complete mailing address and a telephone number where you can be reached during the normal business hours in all e-mail and written correspondence.

For the Consumer Services Bureau, please call this toll-free number: 800-342-3736. To reach the Licensing Bureau, call 518-474-6630. You may also reach Consumer Services at: 518-474-6600 (Albany) or 212-480-6400 (New York City).

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New York Attorney General Healthcare Industry Task Force

The Attorney General's Healthcare Industry Taskforce (HIT) investigates and reforms systemic problems in the Healthcare industry. Drawing on cross-disciplinary talent from throughout the Attorney General's Office, the Taskforce roots out conflicts of interest and stops corporate abuses affecting millions of Healthcare consumers in New York State and across the nation. The Taskforce advances the goals of accuracy, transparency and oversight in the industry. Through innovative, high intensity, high impact, and high speed advocacy, the Taskforce secures industry-wide, model reforms.

If you have a complaint about systemic or institutional violations in the healthcare industry, please write to:

Healthcare Industry Taskforce
Office of the New York State Attorney General
120 Broadway, 25th Floor
New York, NY 10271
Phone: 1-800-428-9071
Facsimile: 212-416-8034

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NAMI-NYC Metro: Navigating the Mental Health Maze

What can you get from the system? With your loved one's consent, you have a right to:

  • Disclosure about who will be treating your loved one
  • Information about the working diagnosis and how it was determined (role of family and personal history, current symptomology and lab tests)
  • Information about benefits as well as risks associated with each treatment approach available, not only that recommended by the practitioner, including how and why a medication at a particular dose is prescribed; how efficacy is evaluated; what alternatives will be pursued, given various outcomes; what ancillary treatments exist, including psychosocial and psychoeducational rehabilitation and vocational training
  • A part in treatment planning
  • The option to refuse treatment, if you do not believe in the efficacy of the treatment and are authorized to make decisions

In cases where your loved one is not capable/competent to decide for him/herself, it is advisable to gain guardianship authority for treatment decisions.

New York State Office of Mental Health guidelines governing inpatient rights state: "Generally no information about you (the patient) may be given out unless you or your legal representative give written permission." However, in extenuating circumstances such as a psychotic episode, sound judgment dictates. This is no time to rigidly bar communication with families.

The Commission on Quality of Care is an independent state agency that acts as a watchdog over services for persons with disabilities. If you have a complaint about a mental health care facility (inpatient or outpatient), you can call them, and they will investigate: 800-624-4143.

For support, resources, and event information, please contact the NAMI-NYC Helpline at 212-684.3264 or

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