Housing for People with Mental Illness and Other Special Needs

This is a housing option for people who have a physical disability and/or a chronic, disabling medical condition. It may be transitional or lease-based housing, and may be for individuals or shared.

Housing Types | How to Apply

Housing for People with Mental Illness and Other Special Needs - Types of Housing

Aside from the Federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs, which provide rental assistance to income eligible persons, other programs specifically designed to assist individuals with disabling conditions include the Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) program, which exempts eligible, disabled individuals from future rent increases.

Other types of housing for individuals with disabling conditions include:

  • ADULT HOMES - Adult Homes, for adults of all ages, provide domicile and services to five or more adults.  Most residents of Adult Homes are individuals in need of supervision and personal care services necessary to enable the resident to maintain good personal health and hygiene, to carry out the basic activities of daily living and to participate in the ongoing activities of the facility.
  • ASSISTED LIVING - Assisted Living Programs, available in some Adult Homes, combine residential and home care services.  Residents include individuals who historically have been admitted to nursing facilities for reasons that are primarily social, rather than medical in nature.  Assisted Living is designed as an alternative to nursing home placement.
  • NURSING HOMES - Nursing Homes, also called Convalescent, Rest or Extended Care Facilities, are for adults of varied ages in need of 24 hour nursing care and supervision.
  • HUD 811 PROGRAMS – These are buildings for people with mental/physical disabilities in NYS.
  • A Home Of Your Own (HOYO) - Parents of individuals with developmental disabilities, mental retardation or mental illness can now apply for mortgages under the Home of Your Own (HOYO) Program, which is financed by the State of New York Mortgage Agency (SONYMA) and helps people with developmental disabilities or mental illness purchase homes with SONYMA mortgages issued at very favorable terms.

Housing for People with Mental Illness and Other Special Needs - How to Apply

Each Adult Home, Assisted Living Program, Nursing Home and HUD 811 program has its own application form and process. Interested applicants should contact each program individually to find out what application materials and supporting documentation is needed.

For Adult Homes and Assisted Living Programs list, visit here.

For Nursing Home list, visit here.

For a complete list of HUD 811 programs and additional information about the application process, visit here.

For more information on A Home of Your Own (HOYO), visit here.


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